To make things easier for our patients and to facilitate continuity of care, everything is under one roof at The Swezey Institute. Our facilities include many areas in which to consider patients needs, and we encourage you to practice under supervision these activities that are relevant for you.

Wide selection of modern physical therapy equipment. Specially equipped gym for therapeutic exercise and reconditioning.

Simulated Living


Simulated model kitchen, bathroom, hotel room/bedroom and garden for assessing joint functions and training patients to perform everyday activities with a minimum of pain and risk of re-injury.

Furnishings and fixtures such as chairs, desks, computer workstations, household aids and footstools to demonstrate the best ergonomic/orthopedic choices for work, computer and leisure activities.

Model workshop for the do-it-yourselfers.


Garden areas on which to practice with special techniques and tools.

Orthotic Fabrication

Orthotic fabrication and fitting capability for selected splints and braces.


Library & Media Room for Patient Education and Institute Staff Research.


X-ray and laboratory department with state-of-the-art osteoporosis Bone Densitometer.


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