Personalized Care

Ergonomic Assessment

Individual Diagnosis & Treatment

After a diagnosis is established by our medical director, Robert L. Swezey, M.D., your treatment program is designed to consider your needs and the physician’s concerns in order to help you achieve the best possible outcome. Our ability to help you see the possibilities of achieving realistic goals is an important part of our therapeutic programs. We encourage you to participate fully in your treatment program in order to maximize your recovery.

Physical Therapy

After carefully analyzing your condition, the doctor will often recommend appropriate physical and occupational therapies and other treatments. Physical therapy treatments to help relieve your pain may include some traditional treatments such as traction, massage, and may also include advanced pain therapy modalities. Careful instructing in therapeutic and reconditioning exercises as well as sports conditioning is provided.

Occupational Therapy

In Occupational Therapy, ergonomic advice on how to sit, stand, walk, drive, cook, work and play, will help you resume your daily activities with greater comfort and whenever possible to engage in desired activities up to your potential. Splints and braces will be prescribed when needed.



Our front office staff under the supervision of our expert patient educator, Annette M. Swezey, M.S.P.H., will supply you and your family with relevant books, pamphlets, video materials that will broaden your understanding of your condition.

After instruction in exercise and ergonomics factors related to your your problem, your therapist will give you illustrated handouts to use when doing your exercises and activities at home.



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